Claim Agent

Your Claims Management Software

Our claims management software has intuitive functionality that optimizes workflow, reduces errors, and accelerates cash flow. Edit and submit Institutional and Professional claims to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross plans, and commercial insurance companies; retrieve payer reports; rework rejected claims. We tailor Claim Agent to your specialty and meet your business needs. To schedule a demo, please visit the Contact Us page and fill out the form or give us a call.



Import claim files from any practice management and billing system



Edit Claims accurately and efficiently with our extensive validation checks



Submit ANSI 837s and 276s to payers, clearinghouses, and financial systems



Retrieve acknowledgement files, ANSI 835s and ANSI 277s

Claim Scrubbing

Clean Proficiently. Review How You Want.

Find and correct claim errors with our powerful and customizable rules engine. Claims are subjected to extensive edits that are personalized to the provider and payer. Multiple control points ensure that only clean claims are submitted.

Data Analytics

Discover More. Find What You Want.

Claim Agent’s operational reports, management reports, productivity reports, and denial management reports provide valuable data about the claim, workflow, and employee productivity. 

Claim Follow Up

Collect Faster. Manage How You Want.

Manage your secondary and rejected claims. Retrieve payer reports; track claims; create Ad Hoc Queries and Hold Reports. Our Remittance Matching tool automatically posts ERA to the billed claim and can create new claim for the secondary payer.

Electronic Data Interchange

Connect Securely. Send to Whom You Want.

Import and export  ANSI 276, 277, 835, and 837 and print files. We designed Claim Agent to read our customers’ and payers’ files. It is compatible with any payer, clearinghouse and practice management system.

Additional Features

Privacy and Security

Meets and exceeds HIPAA requirements

Bridge Routines

Performs automatized tasks for the user

Help System

Assists you throughout the claims process  

Audit Trail

All activities related to a claim are recorded

Work Flow

Utilize user settings to maximize output

Ad Hoc Queries

Explore all information within the database