The Fitting Process

Your Needs. Your Data. Your Cash.

Our Four Step Methodology is a proven approach that delivers superior customer value and experience to the claim management process. This allows us to provide one software platform and meet the varying needs of our customers. Contact us to learn more about how this process can help your business. 

Customer Relations

Collaboration with our customers has allowed us to develop Claim Agent into the best claims management solution. You work with our senior management or a software technician; not a call center or sales team. We offer different platforms of communication such as Remote Assistance for screen sharing or a simple phone call that cuts out the middleman. We look forward to hearing from you.

System Evaluation

We evaluate your data to gain insights about your business operations. This ensures that Claim Agent works at its full potential for you. This involves testing file compatibility, making modifications to read claim file, Submitting 837s to the payer, and evaluating of payer’s response.

Problem Analysis

Our team provides in depth analysis into the problem areas. We utilize many of the great reports in Claim Agent to find any problems and determine the cause. Claim Agent has robust data mining capabilities that produce meaningful reports leading to insights. This includes operational, management, productivity, and denial reports. From there, we work with you to determine the best solution.

Customized Solutions

Claim Agent can be modified for many different system enhancements. Our fitting process adapts to your requirements not the other way around. We will build what you need right into the system. It could be bridge routines, edits, specialized reports, and destination routes. This indepth level of personalization is why EMCsoft is your solution for claim adjudication.